My Psychic Autobiography by Robert Lindblad

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I'm a psychic who finds missing children internationally, free of charge, and have solved over 52,000 cases since I first began Child Search on September 17th 1991 this dated as of the 25th anniversary of Child Search which was on September 17 th 2016. I have saved lives of children while they were in the hands of their kidnappers by calling police and pinpointing where they were, finding bodies and identifying kidnappers / murderers.

If any of you ladies want to meet up with some guy you've met over the net you can contact me and I'll tell you whether it's safe or not to meet that person as far as being raped, kidnapped or murdered by that person goes. It's a freebie don't worry about it. If you are under 18 make sure you contact me before meeting up with someone you've met on the internet. It's a private matter which I will only discuss with you. Your safety is my only concern.

I never discuss cases unless it's with parents or police. I will not respond to any e-mails requesting I look into a case.

My website is at:

I have 2 instrumental CDs for sale one of 11 tracks with Johnny SlYde on electic guitar and me on keyboards. The second is a solo CD that consists of 15 instrumentals with me playing on a stage piano and a synthesizer. For a CD please e-mail via interac $5.00 to and I will e-mail you the CD in MP3 format

Here is how I found out I am psychic: As a child I just thought I was extremely good at analyzing people and events. I should have known I was psychic in 1982 when while lying on my couch one afternoon I automaticaly got up, at the same time having visions of green fire in my head, and walked to my apartments front door and opened it. Their were 3 kids coming out of the empty apartment across from me. I automaticaly wanted to say "Why don't you go back inside and put out the fire" It kept repeating itself very quickly in my head. I then thought "I can't say that that's crazy!" So I just said "Hi, how's it going? Have a great day!" I went back to my couch and lied down. This little thought in my head kept saying "Why don't you look at your watch to see what time the fire started." I thought "If I look at my watch then I am crazy! Forget it!" So the thought kept repeating itself for a few hours. Then I figured I'd just look at my watch to make it stop. When I looked at my watch the thought stopped. I woke up at about 1:45 AM and smelt smoke. I then looked through my peephole and saw black smoke coming out of the empty peephole of the apartment across from me. I then ran to the apartments' front door and opened it and was consumed by a cloud of black smoke to the point where I could not breathe. I shut the door then ran up and down the three story apartment building consisting of 12 apartments knocking loudly on everydoor yelling "Fire! Fire! Fire!" At one door the father of a family opened it I yelled "Fire! Fire! Fire!" he gave me a weird look probably thinking "What's this hippy on?" and shut the door. I thought he was warning his family. When I got everyone out of the smoking and burning building I noticed that he and his family were not outside so I ran back in and loudly knocked on his door again. He answered the door looking like he was thinking "Not you again." however his wife was standing behind him this time and when I yelled "Fire! Fire! Fire!" She screamed woke up the kids and they all got out of there. So while we're outside a little boy who lived in the building looked at me crying "My cat, my cat!" So I ran back in the burning building and chased the cat through the smoke and caught him. I brought the cat back out to the boy. He then looked at me nervously and said "My other cat, my other cat!" So I ran back into the burning building and caught the other cat and brought it out to the child. I then automaticaly pointed my finger to the sky and yelled "You owe me one save my drums!!!" The building burnt for hours as firemen had trouble hooking up the hoses in the winter freezing cold weather. The building was totally destroyed. Third floor apartments collapsed to the basement. Every room in the building was either damaged or totally eliminated by the fire except for my bedroom where my drumset was. Naturally I took the saving of my drums as some weird ass fluke and was so excited about my drums being saved that I dismissed it all as some coincidence.

In 1991 my friend Gilbert, who'd I known for 14 years at that point said "Rob if their's anyone I know who's psychic it's you. I'd like you to try an axperiment." I told him that I was not interested as I didn't believe in that stuff. Yet he continued to repeat the request through the next three hours. In order to shut him up I accepted. He hid a coin under one of 30 books while I was in the bathroom and asked me to come out and tell him under which book he hid a coin. I was correct everytime between 10 pm and 5 am. After that I automatically stated "Wow I've got to find missing children!" He said "Rob d'you know what you're talking about here? I mean your just finding coins." I replied "If I can find coins I can find kids!" I started solving cases internationaly the very next day.

The articles of Le Journal de Montreal 31-05-98 & 01-06-98 on my site are certifiably acceptable in a court of law as evidence. In the article of Le Journal de Montreal 31-05-98 I stated to the mother Saturday morning over the phone within two minutes of her call that her son who had been missing for near a month and a half had accidentaly drowned and in which body of water his corpse was. The next day they found his corpse floating in the body of water which I had pointed out to the mother the day before and this was printed in the Le Journal de Montreal of 01-06-98. When the mother called me she had asked if I heard of her sons' case. I said "No but I can help." She then filled me in on the details that he had been missing for near a month and a half and that police with hundreds of volunteers, divers, searh dogs, and helicopters had been searching daily since the day he went missing with no results as to what happened to him, whether he was living or dead, and his whereabouts. Within two minutes I told her that her son had accidentaly drowned and in which body of water his corpse was and the next day they found his corpse floating in the body of water I had pointed out to the mother. m

Heaven is real, I have been there in this lifetime where I looked down at my sister who was and is walking above the mist of the pink clouds of Heaven where she spoke to me only with her eyes. It was a dream that was not a dream. At the point of her death even though I was finding missing children for near two years I didn't believe in Heaven because, being the biggest skeptic I know, I had to see it to believe it. When she died I had no desire to see her in Heaven as I did not beleive in it. Three days after she died I had the dream that was not a dream and recognize it to be so. I don't believe in Heaven I know Heaven to be true it is as real as the air you breathe, and God kills no one and wishes no harm to any individual. My sister was not religious at all and she was accepted into Heaven. Heaven is open to all good souls of all religions and atheists also. Every day is judgement day and you are measured by the good you do to your fellow human beings and animals. Other than that I'm not religious, never read The Bible and only go to church for funerals and weddings. It's so easy to be a good person. Try it you'll like it

When I used to stand in the streets wearing my "Psychic $1 per question" t-shirt one day I was feeling so confident that when a person asked if he could translate a question for his mother I replied "Tell her to ask me the question in her language and I'll give you the answer in English." We did it and it worked. I've done this several times with people who speak languages that I've never learnt.

Before my being run over by a car at 60 miles an hour leaving me dead for one minute and in a coma for a month, in 1969, I have been told that I was very tough beating up kids a few grades higher than me and agressive as I've been told that in elementary school I once shot my desk at the teacher for putting me in detention. After waking out of death the idea of harming anyone in anyway either physicaly or mentaly was atrocious to me. Atrocious to the point that when I got beat up everyday in grades 3,4,and 5 by two or three guys after and during school the thought of harming them made me cry to the point that I just shouldered off the kicks and punches, and hence I became an expert in deflecting punches and kicks and never hurt any of them. They probably thought that the times I was crying were due to their beatings however I was crying because the thought of punching them out hurt me. I never hit anyone since waking back to life in 1969

When I discovered that I'm psychic I decided to check out differing aspects of my ability so within the first few days I bought a deck of cards with nude women on them (figuring since I find people might as well use women on the cards eh). So I viewed 15 cards and flipped them over. I then passed my hand over the laid out cards and felt which one was the redhead. I flipped the card and it was the redhead. I then continued to do it for about an hour and impressed myself with it. I've done this with regular cards for people who used their own decks and identified the cards by passing my hand over them

It was Easter around 10 years ago when I went to a local mall. Their Easter exhibit was a barn with a rooster, a chicken, a donkey, a rabbit, a goat, a duck and a few others. So anyways I stop over and look the rooster. I decide to check out my theory which is that animals read your thoughts through your eyes. I looked the rooster, and thought "ok if you can realy read my thoughts I want you to take three steps forward right now." The rooster did exactly that immediately after sending my thoughts through eye contact. Then I thought " Woe, if this is realy happening… I want you to walk three steps to the right and then walk three to the left, turn to face me, look me in the eyes, sit down and crow three times." The rooster did exactly that, once again immediately after the thought was sent while looking it in the eyes. So I thought I’m not leaving till I test this out on every animal. I continued with the rooster for about fifteen minutes and never once did he exhibit a misunderstanding of my thoughts. I did this for about ten to 15 with every animal, with a voley of different requests such as for the donkey "neigh 5 times, spin around twice, etc each animal was 100% on. It was not like I had to wait for them to respond. It was immediate. To ensure the accuracy of what was going on, I put not one requested movement at a time but a series of requests to be done at once. I was amazed by and felt sorry for them as I continued to my brothers' to celebrate Easter.

A couple came over for a reading one day and asked if I could check their past lives for them. I told them I didn't believe in that. They said they'd like me to try anyways. So I complied and gave it a go. To my suprise I did see their past lives. I described the lives they each had, their occupations etc...etc...etc. I told the guy he was a farmer who grew wheat and made cheese along the Saint Lawrence River as well as catching and selling fish. He then stated that he once laid down in a wheatfield for 15 minutes and felt as well as thought it was the best place he'd ever been in his life. He also stated that he favoured wheat, cheese and fish in his diet. I've checked past lives for a few for people since then and one was a famous singer (that one suprised me

Once while I was working on a case of a missing child with radio blaring at a volume of 8 on 10 the Pink Floyd song "Learning To Fly" was playing. As soon as I psychicly focused in on the photo of the missing child the radio volume dropped from the 8 level to something like 1 or lower and as soon as all the info on the child psychicly came(about 30 seconds)in as in me seeing the child dead, the killer, and pinpointing the place etc... the volume jumped back to 8. That has never happened before or since.

While checking the case of a missing girl, rather than seeing everything from above as usual, I saw it through the missing girls eyes. As I focused in on her photo I saw her father with his arms strechtched out infront of me/her grabbing my/her neck and choaking her/me. I/she cried "No daddy no!" however the father continued and choaked his daughter to death. I then called the police and they were found dead where I had said. The girls' photo can be seen in the photo of the first Journal de Montreal article on my website at where I am holding the fax/photo of her that the RCMP sent me after I requested it.

In the early '90s when I didn't have a fax or a computer I used to get my faxes sent over to the corner pharmacy. Even though the faxes turned out like charcoal drawings it had no negative effect on the readings.

One case in Chicago a few years ago a father who had threatened to kill his son was announced on the Amber Alert. They just had the names and no photos displayed. Deciding that this was an emergency I acted immediately and saw them walking on the corner of 35th and I don't remember at this moment. I received a call two days later. It was a man. He stated "Mr. Lindblad you were right on that case." I stated "Which case? I do cases everyday." He replied "You know the case in Chicago. Well we sent a car there right after you called and we found them on that corner. I just thought you should know this." He then hung up on me. I immediately thought "Why are you telling me? I already know this. You should be telling everyone else."

A couple of years ago some kids in the neighbourhood who know that I find missing children buzzed my door and came running up the stair to my apartment. One of the childrens cats had disappeared and I was asked to help find it. The child had a picture of his cat with him so I pulled out a local map of the city and told him and his friends where they would find the cat. Later the child came back to my door and said "Thank-you!" with a big smile. I have done this type of thing a few more times for children in the neighbourhood.

I've had parents call me from across the planet worried about the late return of their child. Here's one example. I got a call from some place in the United States. It was a mother concerned with her 5 year old son who was aprox. 45 minutes late for the appointed time of arrival at home. I asked her to say his name while picturing him in her mind. I then, like within a minute, told her that he was riding a tricycle at a friends 5 blocks away and would be back in 20 minutes. 21 minutes later I received a call from the mother thanking me for my help and stating that I was exactly right as to what he was doing and his whereabouts.

My friend Gilbert, the guy who told me I'm psychic in 1991, a few years ago called me from Toronto and asked if I could help his girlfriend find her missing university project. She later called me from Toronto and explained that she had lost her project which was due in 4 days. She stated that she had finished it 3 months earlier and lost it. She stated that for the past 2 weeks she had checked her apartment, her university, and areas she frequented and had come up with nothing. I told her to concentrate on her project and immediately told her that it was in a shoe box on the top shelf in the right hand corner of her bedroom closet. I later received a call from her stating that I was exactly correct.

When Bre-X was announcing massive amounts of gold taken from samples on their property and everyone was buying it up like hots skyrocketing the stocks value my friend Bob came over to my place with a map of the Bre-X property and asked me how much gold was there. I passed my hand over the map once and told him their was no gold there. I passed my hand over the map twice just to make sure. He was suprised with my statement as it countered the massive trend of buyers. A year or so later Bre-x was found to have no gold on their property

Any religious or spiritual movement that states you must pay to earn and learn your way to attain the knowledge of how to attain a higher spiritual or religious level are corporate lyers. Money in the spiritual sense has no value. It has no significance in the afterlife, and should never influence you into doing something wrong. Therefore money having no spiritual value precludes that winning the lottery is out. I can and could have been the richest man on the planet since 1991 by pointing out every valuable precious mineral mining area on the planet however I choose not to for the sake of the planet, environment, animals and people.

Here's a weird one. I was listening to the radio while lying on the couch and heard the DJ announce that the next person who would show up in the studio with a photo of a black dog, a drumstick, and a Led Zeppelin album would win tickets to Page/Plant. I figured since the studio is like 5 miles from my place someone would get there before me. Then I could sense my dead black dog Mac egging me on "!" I thought forget it however Macs urging didn't stop for a few minutes so I got off the couch, scrambled for a photo of Mac, my drumstick, my album and hopped on my 10-speed bike and floored it to the studio. When I got to the buildings elevator a man came out of the elevator looking stressed and asked me if I had a photo of a black dog he could borrow I said "No." as I needed it and promptly took the elevator up to the studio where I won the tickets to Page/Plant.

A coupla funny things with Ozzy Osbourne. I had a ticket on the 25 row of the floor for the Black Sabbath Reunion Tour. So there's a few seats in the first five rows that weren't being used. During the back up bands gig I seat myself in one of them. So like I'm cheering away! Then Black Sabbath came on. The first few rows seemed to be reserved as far as letting excitement loose goes or perhaps I was exhuberant in letting my excitement on the loose as far as cheering goes. So Ozzy is walking around with a bucket of water looking to splash people yet seemed hesitant to dowse the bucket. He looks at me as I get a tap opn the shoulder from a security guard with a couple behind him. I think "Didn't have to call security." So the guard indicates for me to leave the section of the floor and followed behind me till I was out of that section. I turn around and Ozzy us looking at me holding the bucket thinking "Come on I know you want it come break through security and run here!" So I ran past security to the front of the stage where Ozzy was waiting for me and he dowsed me with the bucket of water. During that tour they would put up little clips of segments of shows and I saw myself in my grey t-shirt with arms in the air being dowsed by Ozzy. One day during the Grand Prix of Montreal while standing on the corner of St. Catherines and Crescent wearing my "Psychic $1 per question" t-shirt I saw a stretch limo parked at the corner, a few people got out and walked up Crescent. I felt that their was someone in the limo watching me from behind the black windows. So I indicated verbaly and physicaly by pointing in his direction to come over for a reading. The black window lowers and there hunched over the window is Ozzy looking at me.

I've answered the phone years before they invented "call display" with the names of the people calling before they mentioned anything. My friends were like "How did you know?" I didn't realize I was psychic however I"d respond "I just felt it."

Someone had sent me a postcard from Europe with the photos of two missing girls on it. The person stated that they had been missing for, I think it was over a year or so and that their were no clues as to what happened to them. The person asked if I could help. I immediately got to work. I cut the postcard in half in order to seperate the photos. I then concentrated on each of them and saw that they had been sexually tortured and starved to death. I then focused in on where their bodies were. I passed my hand over the maps as usual and felt where they were with a slight pulling sensation in my hand. I then called the parents of one of the missing and while I was explaining to the mother that I"m a psychic who finds missing children she stated that the police told them not to talk to psychics. So we ended the conversation there. Then I called the police on the case. I told the police where the bodies were and described the serial completely. A week or so after my call they busted the serial killer, found the bodies where I had stated and at the same time saved the lives of two other girls who were secretly being held captive by him. That was cool solving the missing girls case, getting the serial killer arrested, and saving two lives at the same time

Another serial killer case. The mother of a girl who had been missing for a few months called me and asked if I could help. I asked her to concentrate on her daughters face and say her name. She did and I told her her daughter was murdered. I then asked her if she had a list of suspects. She did and read off the names as I checked each one in a matter of seconds. On one of the names I could feel that this guy was the murderer. However I asked her to repeat the list again just to make sure even though once I get the answer it never changes. She did I got tyhe same guy. I focused in on him and saw that he was a serial killer of women. I then checked by passing my hand over a map of California when I felt the body along a coastline. I told the mother that he had placed her in a white metal casing and threw her a cliff in a specific area of the coastline. She then stated that it would be impossible to find the body there as that spot was an area along the coast where everybody dumped all their junk. I then spoke to the police and told them of the other cases and with the evidence I provided they were able to arrest him.

A person asked me if he would get back together with his ex-girlfriend. I checked it out and told him they would get back in 4 months and 9 after that they would have a baby girl. That's exactly what happened. Another one in that category happened when a gay man asked me to describe his next partner. I described the next partners' height, weight, hair and eye colour, as well as job. A month or so later the person told me that his new partner was exactly as I described and what freaked him out is that he didn't see the partner beforehand as the partner came up to him and tapped him on the shoulder and introduced himself.

Several years ago my mother told me that my uncle was getting tested in the hospital for a problem he had. She stated that he had been going from doctor to doctor for over a year since none of them could diagnose the problem. After speaking to my mother on the phone I decided to check it out. I saw that he had advanced stomach cancer and would die within the next few days. Two days later he was diagnosed as having advanced stomach cancer and died a few days later. Another one in this field was when a family came to see me for a reading. The grandmother showed me a headshot picture of her grandson and asked if he had any physical ailment. I concentrated on the photo and saw that he had a little hole in his stomach they all looked surprised and confirmed that that was his situation

One day while walking down a street that was under construction I looked at a lampost that was standing secured in place and thought that's going to fall. Two seconds later the lampost fell over and crushed the roof of a parked car.

The first time I tried using a Y-Stick (divining rod)was with my friend Gilbert. He asked me to close myself in the bathroom while he filled one of 8 cups in the kitchen with water and then to come out and use the Y-Stick to indicate which cup held the water. I did that and passed the Y-Stick over each cup sensing the water in one of them. I said "I don't know what you put in there but it could kill you." He smiled as he lifted the cover and in it was the water with a bunch of butted out cigarettes and ashes. We did that over a few times and I was always correct. I was so excited about this that the next day I called my friend Luc and asked him if he could try filling something with water in his apartment and I'd try picking off where it was. I drew a map of his apartment and went to work. I was drawn to the middle of his hallway. I called him back and stated that "It's in the middle of the hallway about 2 cups and whatever is in there will kill you if you drink it." He laughed and stated that he put a cup of water in the kitchen sink. A couple of minutes later he called back and stated "I went to look in the hallway where you stated the water was and noticed that my car battery was there and it has about two cups of water and battery acid in it!" I said "Great let's do it again!" He then, feeling spooked, stated "No, no that's enough! I don't want to try it again."

My friend was pregnant. She and her husband started interior decorating the room for a girl as the ultrasound technician saw a girl. They did not tell me this when they came to my place. She asked me what her baby would be. I told her it's going to be a boy. She laughed and stated "You're wrong I had an ultrasound and the tech said it's a girl." So they spent a lot of money interior decorating the room for a girl as well as buying baby girl toys. She ended up having a boy

After 4 years of finding and saving missing childrens' lives I decided to go public as time is of the escence in these matters. So my then girlfriend and I were going door to door raising funds for Child Search so that I could have a computer and print out as well distribute posters. After a couple of days I recieve a ring at the doorbell at 8 a.m. I buzz the person in. Coming up the stairs is I'll just call him John and I won't say any more, a local radio reporter with a portable recording device and a microphone running. I invite him in. I feel "This guy is here to screw you." He plopped himself in the sofa chair as he raised his hands above his head and loudly exclaimed "The jig is up!" Knowing what he was insinuating I asked "What do you mean?" Again he raised his hands above his head "The jig is up!" I let it slide and the interview continued for three hours. I stated that we were going to wait till we were set up to see them. During the interview I stated our purpose, our plans, and left out that I'm a psychic. Their were no problems. A few days later my girlfriend and I were raising funds and everyone was slamming the door in our faces. At one door as a man was about to slam the door on my face I asked "Why? Why are you and everyone else slamming the door on us?" The man stated that a certain radio station did a 3 hour exposure on us. The man said that it was stated that "All the funds go to the leader who spends it on drugs." I asked him if they mentioned Child Search. The man stated that the radio announcer stated "The people doing this are using a name that I can't remember but it sounds like Child Find." That's funny I gave him my buisness card during the interview. The only reason he didn't mention our names and that of Child Search was in order not to be sued. All the doors were closing on us from that point on. At least we managed to raise enough money for a fax machine.

Having $10 left on me I decided to use the last $10 I had at the casino. On my way to the casino a thought entered my head telling me "You're going there to work. You're broke don't tip." I decided to follow that "rule" went to the roulette table and rode that $10 everyday for 2 and a half months. I kept track of my winnings everyday. Since I'm so used to being broke I only bet a dollar each time. I won three bets in a row at the tabe and only bet a dollar on each of them. One day the croupier said "He wins again!" A woman sitting at the table said "So I won too." The croupier lifted a chip to his shoulder and replied "You don't understand he only bets one chip!" Everytime I bet at the wheel I bet a one dollar chip on my number that's it. So after two and a half months of winnings on a daily basis when I ordered a drink the waiter kept ignoring me. After a long time he finally came to serve me. I asked him "Why are you ignoring me?" He said "You don't tip!" I replied "You make more money than I do." He angrily replied "I don't believe you! I see you in here everyday!" and scooted away. So the next day I thought "I'm up $280 what's the problem in tipping a dollar?" So I tipped the waiter and lost every bet after that to the point where my records indicated that I was back to "0" in total winnings and decided to quit. I haven't been back since. During my time there you were allowed to bet only a dollar per bet. I think my hogging the table for hours a day inspired them to change the betting rules as now the minimum bet at the roulette table is $5.00 per bet.

A friend of mine lost $180.00 U.S. He called me from his place in another province and asked if I could help him find it. I told him that he put it in a blue book in his livingroom. He later called back and said that he was thinking "I'd never put my money in a book. When I looked I found it in my blue duo-tang."

A Maroccan wife of a friend of mine asked if I could check on her mothers health for her. She provided a picture of her mother in full traditional Maroccan dress who lives in Marocco. I checked on it infront of her and her husband. Within a couple of minutes I told her that her mother has a pinched nerve at the bottom of her spine and that she has no other health problems. After I told her that, she stated that her mother was actually having a great deal of pain in her lower back

When I was 8 years old I had a dream. I was talking to an older man and I said "Hi my names Robert." The person responded "My name is Robert also." I replied "Oh ya my name is Robert Lindblad. What's yours?" The person responded "My name is Robert Lindblad also." I then proceeded to give him my date of birth and asked when were you born?" The person responded "I was born on that date too." I then replied "But wait that's impossible." At that point the dream stopped a I woke up. The older person I was talking to looked as I did at the age 29 when I discovered that I'm psychic and am able to find missing children across the planet.

Once while checking out a case for someone while we were a few people at my kitchen table the Jerrold TV converter which weighs about 4 pounds jumped off the TV and slammed itself down on the livingroom floor about 5 feet from the TV set which it was sitting on. I laughed butt the other people were kinda quietly shocked. They told me that they were a few days later.

In 1992 I went with a friend of mine to the home of a 37 year old woman he knew. During my visit she mentioned that she was told that I find missing children and she was wondering if I could try finding her mother who left her for adoption at birth. I told her "I've never done this before but sure I'll give it a try." I continued "Now even though you've never seen your mother I want you to concentrate on the feeling of her. You know like that feeling you had while in her womb." She replied "O.K. I'll try." She concentrated on that feeling while I used my Y-Stick and a map of the Earth. I turned my back to the map & raised the Y-Stick infront of me, turned around and immediately darted for the Earth ending up in Montreal. I then pulled out a roadmap of Montreal. Once again I asked her to concentrate on the feeling of her mother. I turned my back to the map & raised the Y-Stick infront of me, turned around and immediately darted for a street. As I held the Y-Stick over the street in crackled in my hands over the street for a few seconds as my friend commented "Listen you can hear it crackeling" and after a few seconds it broke and split right over a street." She noted the street. A few months later she invited me to her place and told me that she went to the hospital of her birth posing as a university student researching adoption and promptly asked if she could look at the birth records of children who were left for adoption at birth. Viewing the documents she noticed that indeed a girl was left for adoption on the date of her birth and furthermore the mother lived at an address on the street I had mentioned. Doing her own research she ended up meeting brothers and sisters that each were left for adoption at birth by the mother.

While wearing my "Psychic $1/Question" shirt in the street I was responding to the questions of two girls, one of the girls had asked me a few questions a year earlier on the same street and told me that all my responses to her questions came true, when an aprox. 21 year old guy in a three piece carrying a suitcase decided to listen in. He was standing behind the girls sayin things like "it's all B.S. etc... etc... etc... I can wear a shirt and charge you 50 cents etc... etc... etc..." The girls were explaining to him that I'm good. So he laughs and says "O.K. I'll do it and prove to you that he's B.S.n." After they were satisfied with my responses to their questions he came forward. He gave me a dollar and asked "O.K. what will my line of work be?" I could see that he was in the process of studying to be a doctor just by looking at him and replied "You're going to be a doctor." He raised his eyebrows over his glaces, glanced to the right with a suprised look and replied "O.K. that's right but what kind of a doctor will I be?" I said "C'mon man I already told you you're going to be a doctor. That's pretty good isn't it? Like their are a lot of jobs on the planet. And you know what kind of a doctor you'll be. It'll work." He was satisfied gave me the dollar and took down my web address.

When I scored my drumset at 18 I was practicing anywhere from 4 to 8 hours a day. I used to practice to Keith Moon on a daily basis. I didn't know I was psychic then but I swore I could feel Keith Moon over my left shoulder with arms crossed looking down at me smiling. I never told anyone cause that's kind of too weird eh. So after a few years of this I bought his solo album and thought it sucked. From that point whenever I played to The Who or my drums I could feel that his "presence" was gone. Even though I felt like that was some thing weird my reasoning figured that he was pissed off at my disliking of his music. However his prescence did come back after very many months. A coupla years ago I read that this was his attitude during disputes with the band.

Since I can remember I've always had this philosophy that, once touched, everything retains the good and bad energy we create in them. Creating good energy is good for the planet, everyone and everything. Good energy is created by helping others, the animals, and the environment. If someone were to throw a rock in anger that rock will retain the emotion. Even holding a door open for someone creates good vibes. Therefore creating good vibes is the way to go... this still holds true with the knowledge that Heaven exists.

In the early days of discovering my psychic ability I tested my timing accuracy by pedicting actions people would do within the next few seconds or minutes. The first time I tried this was when sitting in a bus I looked at the bus driver reading his newspaper and decided to predict how long it would take him to put down the paper and start the bus. I got 145 seconds. So I counted down from 145 to zero. When I reached zero he folded up his paper and started the bus. I've predicting peoples actions in various situations down to the second like sitting in a room full of people and deciding to predict the next movement of any person in the room. As in in 5 seconds the man sitting there will move his right arm in order to scratch his nose. Counting down from 5 to zero at zero the man did exactly that. Seeing a woman seated at a table I decided to predict her next physical movement. I could feel that in 14 seconds she would twitch her right. I counted down to zero and her right arm twitched. I was predicting the next movement of everyone in the room down to the second and found myself getting burnt out by doing so. I decided to stop doing this type of thing at some point as I consider it a waste of energy and not a worthy reason to burn myself out.

While watching the Winter Olympics in the 90's with my then girlfriend we were watching a skater do her thing and I told her "Look she's going to fall in a couple of seconds." Two seconds later the skater fell and my then girlfriend was heavily impressed.

When I was 16 years old my friends and I used to hang out in a park. So one night I had a dream that the police raided the park and I managed to scurry away and hide my beer in some bushes only to retrieve it later. A couple of days later that happened.

In the early 1990's one day I was about to split from my place to go visit my mother. A guy whom I'd met earler asked me where I was going. Immediately I felt he was going to break into my place and told him that I was going to visit my mother. My mother was suffering from cancer at the time and nothing was changing my mind about visiting her. During the bus ride I could feel that that guy was going to break into my place. Once at my mothers I could feel that the guy was in my place. So I called my place and left a message on my answering machine so that he could hear it while he was in the process of fleecing my apartment. I left a message like "You F***head I know you're ripping off my place get out now!" So when I returned to my apartment the door was kicked in and he ripped off my answering machine, audio system, and other stuff. So I decided to check when the next break in would be. I got in 7 months which would be January. I forgot about it and during January my place got broken into again.

When I won tickets to Supertramp from a radio station I took the friend who's wife had me check out her mothers', who lives in Morrocco, health. I guess he just wanted to see how good I am cause as we were standing there clapping for the band to come on he asks "What's the first song going to be?" I immediately replied "School". The band opened with "School".

Since I can remember I've played a game of solitaire in me head guessing which parked car the person walking down the street would enter. As in that woman over there is going to walk to the blue car and enter it. I've always been correct and even when I didn't know I was psychic I believed it was just some weird sense I had.

The first time I tried a psychic experiment with Gilbert we made a pendulum out of a sewing thread and a ball of chewed gum stuck at the end of the thread. He told me to pass the pendulum over the books and ask if the coin was under the book, each book one at a time, and stated that when the pendulum turns clockwise it means "yes" and when it turns counterclockwise it means "no". We did this and I was correct everytime. After an hour I was feeling so confident about my newly discovered psychic ability that I would just pass my foot over the books to feel under which book the coin was hidden. Since then I've used various objects when using a pendulum including rocks, crystals, wood, glass, metal, silver, gold, a Coke bottle, sea shells, plastic objects amongst other things.

The cults who profess that the end of the world is coming, at any given point, are in it only to suck you in to giving them your time and your money and really don't give a damn about you and the afterlife. So end of the world cults are a highly manipulative bunch of scam artists out for themselves and really don't care what happens to you mentally, physically or spiritually along the way. If you ever get involved with such a group do yourself a favour and leave them out of your life.

In the mid nineties I had a TV with the channel knob missing. I used a pair of pliers to change the channel. One day I went to change the channel and when I applied the pliers to the changer I was blown the air across the room about 5 feet backwards and landed on my back. Curious as to why this happened I went back and tried it again and once again got the same result. I thought "What's the difference that is causing this?" Then I noticed curled up in the palm of my left hand was a small quartz crystal. I then placed the crystal on the table and went back to the TV and changed the channel as usual. At that point I decided to never hold a crystal while changing the channel.

When on a case and looking for parents' phone numbers their are at times several families with the same last name. In order to save money from having to pay for directory assistance or calling each number in the phone book I decided to read the list of names and sense which were the parents of the children and each time I have been correct.

Within the first year of discovering I'm psychic my friend Bob during a phone conversation asked if I could describe his girlfriends' cat to him. I told him "It's a cat that has patches of grey white and orange on it." He said "Hmmmm! That's great man. It is exactly like that."

When the first newspaper article/interview came out concerning me and my Child Search activities ( the 22-02-97 the following day on the talk show CHABADA on TVA hosted by Gregory Charles his opener was while holding open a world atlas, the same type that I am holding in the photo of the interview, he looks up to the sky and asks "Oh Heaven above Where? Where is Montreal?" Twirls his pointing finger above his head and lands it on the atlas pointing out Montreal. He then states "There there is Montreal!!!" There were maybe three chuckles from the audience and a few "Ooooooooooooos." I laughed my head off without stopping for 45 minutes.

On a flight I left my window seat to a mother who asked me if I could give up my window seat so that her daughter could stretch out her legs and sleep during the long flight. I gave up my seat and ended up in a better window seat without the wing blocking the view. So I'm sitting there drinking beer. The guy sitting next to me states "Hey they also serve Jack Daniels." I exclaimed "J.D. alright!" He replied "You're not an agressive drunk, are you?" I replied "No I'm a stupid drunk." So I mention what I do to some of the crew and the passenger seated next to me. After awhile a steward comes up to me and says "I've heard what you do. Can I ask you a question?" I replied "Look it's a long flight and I'm on my seventh J.D. so I'd rather not do it now." He then pleaded several times and on the fifth time I stated "I'd rather wait. Now remember I'm on my 7th J.D. butt since you insist I'll do it." The steward then said "O.K. I've got a new girlfriend. How long will we last?" I checked it out and I told him "Two months." He looked upset and walked away. The crew stopped serving me alcohol at that point. I felt offended at not being served because he didn't like his answer. I never want to be rude however at that point I kept hitting the service button over and over again. After several refusals and no shows the head stewardess came over and I asked if I could have at least one more drink and explained that "Here I am flying over the ocean without having to work on a case and if ever there was a time to get sauced it's now. Just because the steward didn't like the answer I gave him shouldn't bar me from drinking." The head stewardess agreed to let me have one more. I thanked her. The next day as I was leaving the plane I told the crew "Sorry if I acted like an asshole last night." They smiled and said "No problem." ... and I got a "Keep up the great work!" from a steward.

When a case comes up I immediately know if it's an emergency or if the person has left of their own free will no matter what is stated to the media. One example that stands out to me was the case of an Amber Alert that was issued concerning a father who stated that a kidnapper had entered his daughters room through a window and that his daughter was forced out through the window half naked and whisked away by the man in a car. I immediately knew that it was not a case of kidnapping but rather parental anger at catching his daughter and her boyfriend making out shirtless in her bedroom. In that situation the couple thought "Let's get out of here as fast as we can!"... and they did. A few hours after the alert was issued it was cancelled stating that she left with her boyfriend and they were fine.

A few years ago while I was walking home at 3 something a.m. from a friends place I saw a broken tree trunk along the sidewalk. I decided to go make myself Y-Sticks from the branches. As I walked from towards the branch I had a vision of being surrounded by police with many cars. So I continued and made myself a couple of Y-Sticks. As I was bent over about to make a third police cars pulled up in semi - circle behind me. I heard an officer say "Raise your hands and turn around." I turned around and noticed the police and cars as well as the officers hand side saddled on his unbuckled holster. Looking at my Y-sticks raised above my head the officer said "Put that down." I lowered my left arm as I went to put the two sticks in my left hand down. The officer stated "Keep your arms up. What are you doing here?" I replied "I'm a psychic and I was just making Y-Sticks." He continued "Where do you live?" I responded "On third I'm a psychic who finds missing kids and I'm just breaking the branches to make Y-Sticks. The branch was already broken when I got here. I didn't break it." I tried to put the sticks down he said "Keep your arms up." I replied "O.K. I'll drop them. I'm going to open my hand and let them drop." I did that. I was wearing my Jamaican hippy shirt, a cascade of orange, red, yellow, black with the widening sleeves and waste. I went to put my arms down and the officer stated keep your arms up. How do we know you have nothing under your shirt?" I replied "I'll show you and lowered my hands to lift up my shirt." The officer stated "Keep your hands up." I then stated "O.K. I'll roll my shirt up from my shoulders. See I'm keeping my hands up." I stated as I rolled my shirt up by twiddling my fingers with both hands at shoulder level. "There you see I have nothing." I let my shirt drop while keeping my hands up. The officer then stated "How do we know you're not hiding something in your back?" I replied "O.K. I'm going to roll my shirt up again and spin around." I did that. "The officer then stated "That was too fast, turn around slowly." I did. He then asked "What's your name, address, and what are you doing here?" I replied "I'm Robert Lindblad, I live on third avenue, I'm a psychic and I'm just here breaking branches. I didn't break the trunk. It was already broken." The officer stated "O.K." and they quickly got back in their cars and sped away. One car pulled alongside me and one of the officers had a pen and paper out as if I'm like going to file a report or something. I just looked at him and said "It's O.K. go." and they drove off. Turned out in the news the next day that a crime was committed in that area at the same time.

While flooring it on my 10 speed on Sherbrooke Street downtown I passed the McGill Music Conservatory and decided to stop in and play piano. I entered the piano room where the doors to each individual room are locked by a mechanical combination door lock. So feeling like playing I decided to try the first combination that entered my head. I tried it and the door opened. I had fun jamming on a Baby Grand for a few hours there.

The other day a segment of the news played an audio tape of a serial killer. Just by hearing his voice I could tell he was a serial killer. It was the first time I heard the voice of a serial killer and it taught me how much I can pick up on an audio without even trying. Even though the case is well known the audio on the voice would have told me all anyways.

On the a Friday night in 2007 my friend e-mailed me that she was having severe back pain and asked if I could psychicly heal it for her. I told her that I never did healing before however I'd try it for her. So after reading her e-mail I started concentrating on heating up her back while creating friction by rubbing my palms together. My concentration on relieving the pain in her back became intense and after a minute or so I let out a big yawn and felt totally relaxed. I was sure that I connected because most of the time when I work a case I give a yawn/big yawn after as it takes energy to do what I do. I then e-mailed her and asked if in the past two minutes or so if she felt a warm sensation up her back and relief from the pain. She wrote me back that that's exactly what happened and thanked me.

When checking past lives I get heavily burnt out as traveling all that time takes a lot of energy. As far as past lives go I've heard some say that you are the way you are today to make up for things you've done in your past life. That is wrong. You are given a clean slate in a new life giving you the opportunity to morally improve yourself this time around.

I psychicly checked out the Mayan Calender and this is what I got from focusing in on a picture of the Mayan Calender. It is the date the Mayans were waiting on to be reunited spiritually with the gods and the ones who were sacrificed in order to appease the gods. They believed they would survive as a race to that date and be reunited with the gods and all those that have passed on to the other side. On December 21 to 24 , 2012 their will be no major earthly or spiritual changes. It was a belief they had.

Sometime during the summer of 1997 as I was walking down Ste. Catherines street near the corner of St. Laurent at 3:30 a.m.wearing my "Psychic $1 / question" t-shirt I walked by a couple of prostitutes and asked if they'd like to ask question. One of the girls said "Get lost your not even a psychic! Get out of here." However the girl standing with her said "No no he's good! Come back here!" She then went on to explain to her friend that I answered a question for her in the street at the same area last year and I was exactly correct. At the time she asked me she stated that her boyfriend had been arrested for cocaine and was about to go to court in a few weeks and asked "What's going to happen?" I replied "He'll get 6 months in jail." That is exactly what he got. At this point they were both impressed and I was asked a few questions from each of them.

Here are the odds in pinpointing where a person or body is on Earth Total area of the earth: 197000000 square miles. 1 mile = 5,280 feet. 197000000 x 5,280 = 1040160000000. 1 in 1040160000000 and if you want to take it as a person or body lying down let's say 6 feet of surface it is 5,280 feet divided by 6 = 880. 197000000 x 880 = 173360000000. 1 in 173360000000

A while back a girl asked me about a guy who was keen on meeting her. She e-mailed me his username and asked what I saw.. I immediately got a bad feeling and saw that he was dangerous and told her that she would have an extremely bad time, and that rape was in his plans and their was a chance of murder. She decided not to go meet him. A few weeks later that person was arrested for raping a girl he met on line and is the suspect in the murder of another girl he met online. I have helped other girls avoid such tragedies butt to see the guy arrested in the news and to have her confirm that it was him makes doing what I do all the more fun!!! It always feels GREAT to help any of you girls avoid meeting a tragedy in your lives.

While wearing my "Psychic $1 per question" t-shirt in Old Montreal in the mid 1990s at Square Jaques-Cartier one day there was a storm with high winds and dark blue clouds brewing overhead and was thundering in the distance. It hadn't rained yet where I was standing. A group of guys came over and one asked "Is it going to rain here today?" I checked even though it seemed obvious with the clouds that were over us, the thundering rain in the distance and the high winds where we were standing. I checked and answered "No." He gave me my dollar while laughing his head off as did his friends and they all walked away chuckling. Well it didn't rain in Old Montreal that day even though other parts of the island were rained on.


I remember walking home one Saturday evening singing a tune, extremely rare that I sing a tune in the street, which I had not heard in a long time and when I entered my apartment the DJ announced that he had just played that tune. Now it was on a show that plays 80s music for a few hours once a week on a radio station and this song was not on their regular playlist so that was pretty cool.

Once I was at my friends Donalds' place and his inquisitive son, about 7 years old at the time, asked me to prove to him that I was psychic. I told him I had a few beers and would rather do it later, some other time. He replied tht he would still want me to try it at the moment. So I gave in.. I told him to get any number of books and place a quarter under any book. I went into the bathroom and shut the door. I was expecting him to place the books laid out across the floor butt he had 12 books piled on top of each other and asked me under which book the coin was. I was correct every time we repeated the experiment around 7 times he wanted it to continue however I was there to relax and party and ended it there telling him we could go on all night butt it's a waste of energy.

OK so this has nothing to do with my psychic ability however it does pertain to what I do. When I was 7 years old my mother would always tell my sister, brother, and I "If you ever meet a man who offers you candy say no and don't accept it because he will ask you to go to the bathroom and once you're alone with him there he will rape and maybe even kill you." We were all young and hearing that at the dinner table we would all get sick to our stomachs and say "Oooooh mom please, were eating." So one day when we lived in Malton, Ontario I was hanging out at the mall and an old man who must have been 62 years old wearing a long grey raincoat came up to me and offered me candy. Thanks to my mother I knew what he wanted. We were sitting in the middle of the mall at the fountain, I figured here we are in the middle of the mall with many people walking by so I'm safe. I told him "Yah I'd like some candy!" So we wealked over to the candy store across from us and ordered about $10 of candy. He looked frustrated at my expenditure as his eyes gazed anfrily over the rims of his brown horn rimmed glasses. As we left the candy we once again sat at the fountain as I chewed on my black licorice. I then stated " I'd like to get some more." He sighed as we walked back to the candy store where I ordered $5.00 more candy and he paid with unwillingness in his face. We then walked back to the fountain, sat down, and he asked me to go to the bathroom with him. I told him "Look there are many people here, go to the bathroom and I'll meet you there in two minutes. He thought that was a good idea so he went to the escalator. I smiled at him as he rode up the escalator and he smiled back at the top of the escalator thinking I was going to join him there. When he left the escalator on the way to the bathroom, out of view, thinking he'd made another victim I left thinking that if I told the security guard it'd be hushed away as their was no evidence as was the custom in those days. THANKS MOM!!!

Anyone from anywhere in the world who believes that sacrificing animals will bring you luck you have been mislead by a person who wrote that so that they can have complete control over your thoughts and actions for the rest of your lives. Sacrificing animals only brings pain to the animals and makes you a cold heartless person who believes in something that is not real. Grow up as a person stop doing it and stop listening to and following the control freak person who tells you it is good and will bring you luck because that person does not care about you, that person only cares about how much control they have over you.

Any request to look into a case in which you are not directly implicated as a parent will not receive an e-mail response from me.

Please understand that I am receiving very many requests for free readings that do not involve emergency / life saving situations. The free work I do is to make sure you do not get drugged, raped, or murdered by some guy you'll meet on the net and saving lives of kidnapped / missing children. It takes a lot of energy and I devote most of my time to it, on average 18 hours per day as I scan for cases. If you are asking me any other type of question please send an Interac payment through e-mail at a rate $10 per question prior to your contact through e-mail.


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