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Child Search / Enfant Recherche

HotGossipUK 7/98

Child Search / Enfant Recherche
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Hot Gossip UK July'98

Editor in Chief Georgina Bruni


This month's cover personalities are the lovely Cindy Jackson and Burt Kwouk. Cindy, originally from the United States - now lives in London and is one of the capital's most glamorous socialites. She's well known for taking the plunge and having a complete cosmetic surgery make-over. Cindy has had EVERYTHING done and is proud of it. Last year I christened her the 6,000,000 dollar woman - because it must have cost her that much in surgery fees.

Burt Kwouk needs no introduction - he's famous for his film roles in the Peter Seller movies. Burt played KATO. Today he is a TV personality and, like Cindy - a great socialite.

This picture was taken at one of my parties


BRITAIN MOURNS AGAIN - Last year it was over the death of Princess Diana, this year it's because we 've lost the chance of winning the World Cup. The popular word at the moment is "Gutted". That's what everyone is saying here. Oh well we can't win 'em all.

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SPOTLIGHT: The Psychic Who Finds Missing Children HEALTH: The Viagra Drug For Men SOCIAL: The Latest Gossip of The Rich & Famous

Have fun! Georgina

by Georgina Bruni

Robert Lindblad is the founder of CHILD SEARCH, a free 24hr 7day service which traces the whereabouts of missing children who are in danger anywhere on the planet. He also identifies their kidnappers.

Fascinated by the claims of a psychic who assures me he can find missing children, I decided to write about him for Hot Gossip UK magazine. Lindblad has recently been featured in articles [French Canadian] in Canada, including the [Journal de Montreal - 22-2-97] and the [Derniere Heure Vol. 4 # 12 -5-97].

He was born a healthy child on August 26th 1962 in Longeuil, Quebec, Canada, but at the age of seven years old he was hit by a speeding car whilst crossing a street. For one minute he was clinically dead.

After being in coma for one month he was sent to the Montreal Children's Hospital to convalesce for 3 months. The accident left the young boy with the left side of his body semi-paralyzed, and he suffered peripheral vision in his right eye, and is unable to bend his leg.

His disabilities became a burden when he tried to find employment. Whilst still at High School he would apply for numerous jobs during the Summer - only to be turned down. He decided the only way he would be able to make a living was to start his own business. Being a vegetarian he thought a natural health food store would be a good idea. So in 1981 he opened a store in the Pointe Claire Village. But unfortunately a notary firm with an office in the same building decided to take him to court claiming that his store would attract rats to the building. He lost the case and he was closed down. As a result of this, he lost all his investment.

Not one to give up easily, and forever fighting his disability, he played drums for a local band called "Hidden Image. In 1987 he studied Political Science at Concordia University and graduated in1991. It was during this time that Lindblad discovered he had psychic abilities - and what's more - was able to find missing children.

Since then he's been solving such cases - be it murder, disappearance, kidnapping, accidental death or suicide. He has never charged anyone for this service because he insists it is immoral to charge a parent to tell them what happened to their child. He claims he has solved over 130 cases.

Lindblad also believes he was instrumental in helping the police catch the notorious Dutroux. A week after he called the Belgium police, they busted him [Dutroux].

He was recently interviewed on J.E [a French investigative reporter show] and apparently, the mother of a missing child was so impressed with Lindblad, she immediately called the show asking for his help. Sadly, the news he had for her was not so good. His work continues.

In 1995 he created CHILD SEARCH.

CHILD SEARCH is a free 24hr 7day service which traces the whereabouts of missing children who are in danger anywhere on the planet and identifies their kidnappers.

Robert Lindblad can be contacted via his website. The CHILD SEARCH site is accessible at

Until next month - and have a great one
Georgina Bruni
Editor in chief

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